Alien Clouds and Magenta Tones on Expired Velvia

PhotoExif - Camera: Canon EOS 3, Film: Fuji Velvia 50, Comment: 1.3 sec. Exposed on sky

Day 260: September 17, 2014: Twin Peaks

I suspect that this expired roll of Velvia probably spent a good portion of its life in a hot car in the Washington desert. While that’s not usually the best way to treat your film, it has resulted in some interesting purple tones in this particular roll.  It doesn’t work for everything, but I do like the way it accentuates the weirdness in these unusual low clouds.  Overall, good for sunrise and sunset, not as good for most else… Unfortunately, this was also the only roll I had, so I can’t use this information doesn’t do me much good for the future. However, if you happen to have an abused roll of Fuji Velvia 50 laying around, maybe you’ll find some use in my random experiment. 🙂

For reference, this was taken at sunset, so it’s pretty far off from the reds and oranges that you would expect at that time.

(Expired Fujifilm Velvia 5o slide film, exposed 1.3 seconds at sunset in a Canon EOS 3)

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