Bay Lights With a Touch of Red

The Bay Lights and a Touch of Red

I was out for a walk on a surprisingly nice Friday evening and stumbled upon testing of the new Bay Lights installation from Leo Villareal on the Bay Bridge, so I just had to make my way to a higher vantage point for a better view.  Accompanied by the sounds of a trumpeter playing a string of Journey songs in front of the Ferry Building (this is SF after all..),  the twinkling bridge lights paired quite nicely with the rising moon and the Ferry Building, all lit up in red in honor of the 49ers going to the Super Bowl.  You can catch the 49ers on Sunday (hopefully to be followed by some healthy non-destructive celebration), while the Bay Lights will officially open on March 5 for a two year run. Check ’em out!

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    • Hi Adam! Thank you! If you could get in touch with me at anywhereSF[at], I can send you all of the details on prints.


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