Day 109: Golden Gate Park


Day 109: April 19: 2014: Golden Gate Park

Nutjobs and police patrols. Just a typical day in the park. Well, maybe not entirely typical.

With 4/20 right around the corner, the SFPD was out in full force around hippy hill this morning, gearing up for Sunday’s pot tourist shitshow, I imagine. Down at the other end of the park we had a couple guys with the Steger for Congress campaign plastering their Volvo with signs urging “Impeach Obama: Stop WWIII” and other crazy gems such as “Destroy the British Empire” and “End the Drought”.

Crazies abound.

(Arista Premium 400 Black and White (rebranded Tri-X) in the Sureshot A1 SLC P22)


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