Day 99.2: Sorry Darlin’: A Night on Frenchmen Street


Day 99.2: April 9, 2014: Frenchmen Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

From DFW to NOLA, where even the ATMs have a little bit of southern hospitality. Staying at a house a block off Frenchmen Street, we were treated to nightly brass band performances from our balcony, along with several great bars, restaurants, and music venues. Apparently this area used to be a local scene, in contrast to the touristy French Quarter, but has drawn more outside visitors over the years, largely because of its local reputation. Since we rolled in on Wednesday at the early end of the French Quarter Festival, the area wasn’t too busy on our first night, while we spent most of the evening hopping in and out of bars and catching a bits of several live bands. Not a bad way to start the visit. I could get used to this. 🙂

(Arista Premium B&W [rebranded Kodak Tri-X 400] in the Canon Sureshot A1 SLC P9 snow leopard camera)

20140409-Roll0040-16 What Are You Looking At?20140409-Roll0040-13

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