Dry Cave, Kauaʻi


I haven’t posted anything for a bit, mostly on account of being on Kauaʻi, where being on the internet was the last thing on my priorities list. I did have a lot of time to edit photos on the flight, though (and would have had more if my Macbook’s battery lasted a reasonable amount of time..) so should be back to posting the film stuff soon. For now, a shot from the north shore of Kauaʻi.

After hiking the first 4 or so miles in along the Nā Pali Coast this morning, the heat eventually got to us, and since we lacked the permits and equipment to camp, we opted to turn back. It was a hard thing to do with so much beautiful scenery down the trail, but we convinced ourselves it was the responsible thing to do.

All we really wanted after arriving back at the trailhead was to get our aching bodies in the water to cool down, but the 15-20 foot shore break unfortunately put an end to those plans. So, about 10 minutes of getting back out to the rental car, we were stopping to take a glimpse at the roadside Dry Cave and take a little break out of the sun.

As soon as we stepped into the cave, the first of a series of storms hit, with a few minutes of torrential rain. Immediately, we were glad to be off of those narrow cliffside trails before they became treacherous mud and slick rock. Good to know that sometimes the responsible decision pays off. 🙂

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