Day 40: Getting Wet in Downtown SF




Day 40: February 9: 2014: Embarcadero

Honestly, I have no recollection of what I was doing this day. One of the fun things about the photo a day project is having this concrete record of where I was every day of the year. I can still go back to my 2011 project and find that a single photo brings back a day’s worth of memories that I might have otherwise forgotten. The film version is even more fun in a way, since I’m always a couple months behind with developing/scanning/posting, so every day when I post, I get to relive memories from a few months prior.

Except for today. These photos bring me nothing. That’s the first time this has happened, and it’s quite curious to me. Obviously, it was raining, and judging from my photos, I must have walked at least most of the way from Embarcadero to the Castro in the rain over the course of an hour and a half. Doesn’t leave too much time for dawdling, so I can only assume I was on a mission. Best guess: I wanted to go out for a photo walk with my waterproof cameras. Curious how the memories can fail.

(Canon Sureshot A1 SLC P22 with expired Arista EDU 400 black and white film)


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