Let’s Go Giants!


With last night’s break from baseball, I took the bike for a quick cruise out to Treasure Island to check out orange-covered skyline, only to find that it was too windy for a good photo, and I was about 2 hours early to catch the moon low on the horizon. The peace and quiet was refreshing, though, so I took a chance and hung out at the Treasure Island Bar and Grill for a bit and waited for the moon to drop. Lucky me, by the time the moon had come down a bit, the wind had stopped and conditions were lovely for a few photos of the waterfront.  Things have a way of working out if given a little patience. (Of course, I first tried to get this shot with my film SLR and the battery promptly died, so I suppose the second lesson is to always have a backup plan.)

Let’s go Giants! Finish this in 6 tonight.

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