Happy Halloweaster!


Happy Halloweaster from San Francisco!  Hope you all had a good one out there.  Our festivities were a bit dampened (soaked, actually) by some rather unpleasant rain, which unfortunately brought the Hunky Jesus contest to an early end in Dolores Park.  All of the Jesuses (Jesi?) were left to find shelter and be hunky alone, or head to the Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race, as many of us did.  After a heavy pre-race rain, the gods smiled upon us and the skies cleared, treating us to an afternoon of watching big wheels and other highly unsafe wheeled items fly down the crookedest street in SF, ejecting their brave riders to send them into walls, hay bales, or just tumbling down the street.  Hopefully they had insurance…

Things didn’t look so promising in the hour before the race, but the skies eventually cleared in time for some Big Wheel action.

First down the hill were the tethered children

Followed by the non-tethered children

Then the madness began…

Perfectly safe!

Oh, you classy, Mr. Ferrari Man.

I get at least a few months of good luck for beaning Jesus in the head with a cascarón on Easter, right?

Then there was this…

Big Wheels…Bigger Wheels.  Must remember that next year.

Even Ronald McDonald took a few spills.

As did this guy…

Gonna need a bigger car…

A Peep can’t be reasoned with.  It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear.  And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead…
20130331-IMG_5472That’s about it for now, at least until the next excuse for a costume arises in The City.  It’ll probably be a week or two…

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