Day 121: Portra Mornings

Day x: Morning on Twin Peaks

Day 121: May 1, 2014: Twin Peaks

Another day in the neighborhood. Feeling more ambitious than most mornings, I made it out for a run hour or so after sunrise to check out the neighborhood in a bit different light.

I’m always impressed how well film holds up to bright sunlight in the frame. Looking down 24th from Market Street, I basically was pointing the little snow leopard Sureshot directly at the sun and ended up with pretty good definition, and even a little bit of a star. I think any of my digital cameras would have just given me a big white blob up there. As much as I’m loving film, I’ll never be an either/or kind of guy, as long as both are available. Digital has obvious advantages in some applications, but there are other things that only film can provide. Different tools for different purposes.

(Kodak Portra 400 in the Canon Sureshot A1 SLC P20)


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