Pre-Dawn Adventures in Benton County

Emptiness of Night

Pre-dawn adventures on the backroads of Benton County, Washington.

While I was stopped taking photos along this road, a truck passed by, got up to the corner, stopped, and reversed all the way back to me. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but when he got back to me, the driver rolled down his window and asked to make sure I was OK and didn’t need a ride anywhere.

As much as I feel at home in the city, there’s something to be said for the hospitality of a smaller town, and the willingness to help a stranger out. That said, most of my hesitation to stop for someone I don’t know comes from some very weird experiences with helping out strangers in my time growing up here, rather than my experiences in the city. So I suppose there’s crazies everywhere, and I should mostly just be happy that there are still people willing to take that chance to help a stranger out.

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