More Prints for Good Causes!

Continuing the list of prints for sale this week, with all proceeds going toward causes that could use the money in our current political climate. I found a pretty extensive list of organizations here: A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support, but am open to any organizations you value, as long as I can also approve of their goals (Sorry, I won’t be sending any cash to scam charities, George Costanza’s Human Fund, rich white men, or other questionable organizations – my call).

Bonus: I have a lead on getting my contributions matched 1:1. Get some art AND have double your money go to a good cause! Get it while it’s hot!

Amsterdam 18"x24" Wrapped Canvas Print $125

16″x24″ Wrapped Canvas Print

Twin Peaks 16"x24" Wrapped Canvas Print $100

Tank Hill
16″x24″ Wrapped Canvas Print

Corona Heights 16"x24" Wrapped Canvas Print $100

Corona Heights
16″x24″ Wrapped Canvas Print

Sutro Stands Above 16"x24" Wrapped Canvas Print $100

Sutro Stands Above
16″x24″ Wrapped Canvas Print

Fort Point 16"x20" Wrapped Canvas Print $80

Fort Point
16″x20″ Wrapped Canvas Print

So lemme know if anything here catches your eye, and if so, where you’d like the money to be directed. Shoot me a message through FB, or email at anywhereSF (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ll be posting more over the next couple days and would love to come out of this having raised a little bit of money for some organization that really need it. (Anything not already printed can be printed as well, if you see something on the site that you like).


(more prints in previous post here:


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