Boxes and Beetles

PhotoExif - Camera: Olympus Stylus 120, Film: Portra 400, Comment:I seem to have taken a photo of every old Volkswagen in Lima, and that is not a small number of Volkswagens. I guess growing up with them has led me to develop an eye for them and a need to take a photo every time.

In addition to old Beetles, Miraflores struck me as a jungle of big concrete boxes. The food was amazing, but the abundance of modern towers, many still going up now, just wasn’t my thing. The architecture just felt so soulless and left me wondering what was torn down to build this place (not that this isn’t a somewhat of a necessary evil of increasing density and something that is happening in parts of SF right now). Barranco to the south turned out to be much more my speed.  More on both of these thoughts later. 🙂

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