Day 151: Getting Around in West Portal

Day 151: Getting Around in West Portal

Day 151: May 31, 2014: West Portal Station

I started looking through my photos from South America and Antarctica, and have about 8000 + 14 rolls of unscanned film. So, safe to say, that might take me a minute to get through.

For now, here’s the next in the line from last year’s film project, finishing off May.  Only 7 more months to post. 🙂

Taken on an exploration run around West Portal station.  I don’t get out to this chunk of the City very often, so I tried to combine some exercise with some new scenery this, wandering up and down the hills around the station. I ended up coming across this view into the station, which I hadn’t seen before, and some interesting spots along the roads uphill from there.  Even after all the time I’ve been here, there’s always something new to discover.

( black and white 400 in Canon Sureshot A1 SLC P20)

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