Thunderstorm! Best San Francisco Sunset Ever.


Well now, this is unusual. My return to SF has been greeted with a thunderstorm and some crazy clouds and sunset unlike any I’ve ever seen here. And I feel like I pay pretty close attention to the skies…

At any rate, I wish I had anticipated this, because all I had time for was to run out the door with my camera and half dead battery to head up the hill.  Unfortunately I missed the brightest of the sunset, but I did notice a bit of lightning on the horizon. Hoping for more at the top of Twin Peaks, I encountered roughly half of the population of San Francisco parked on the hill top. Apparently I missed the memo. For about a half hour as the sky grew dark, we were treated to crazy colorful clouds, lightning, and a very grumpy old man on a motorcycle slowly rolling by while yelling a rant that went something along the lines of “it’s a thunderstorm, who cares, go home!” Don’t be that guy: Never forget to stop and appreciate the wonder that randomly presents itself in our world

I didn’t manage to catch any photos of the lightning, but it was there, and it was oh so cool. 🙂 20150228-IMG_9877

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