Day 64: Rainy Night in the Mission


Day 64: March 5, 2014: Mission and 18th

Heavy rain + Mission Street + Pentax K1000 = Lovely shininess. Man, I would love to be able to spend more rainy nights out here with a fast lens and film shooting the streets. If only it weren’t a crazy drought year…

I wasn’t feeling like risking any of my more expensive cameras, and the waterproof Sureshot A1s can’t hold up to night quite so well, so I opted to take my freebie K1000 out. I’ve had some shutter speed issues with it before, but it seems to be working pretty well now. Love the streets, love the lights, love reflections, love the people, love this city!

(Arista Premium 400 in the found Pentax K1000)20140305-Roll0034-12 20140305-Roll0034-11

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