Bonus Goats!


The film train is still moving slowly these days, so… Bonus goats! The mama goat seemed to like my digital camera more than the film one. I assume that’s because there was more for her to get her teeth on to nibble.

This is one of those things that remind me how lucky we are here in the Bay Area to have so much available within a short trip from the city. Need to get away? Take a day trip to the forest, or a mountain, or the beach, or a goat farm, or practically anything else you could want. It’s all available here. Really, if you haven’t been to Harley Farms, go check it out! Stop by to visit the goats and pick up some delicious fresh made cheese. Then, maybe swing by Pescadero for some garlic artichoke bread and head to the beach. There’s so much to see in such a short drive down the coast. Go do it!
This is what it looks like when a goat decides to eat your lens.20140105-IMG_036920140105-IMG_0416

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